Welcome to L.I.S.A Project

Have Easily your Own JARVIS at home

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Built on top of Greatness

Four core tenants keep L.I.S.A focused

The core of LISA is a rest API to extend the power of home automation box with python code. Around this API, there's few components to add natural language (voice and text) to communicate with the API, and a web interface to manage L.I.S.A.

Written with Python

Python is really easy to learn, write and understand. The code is well documented and easy to understand

Free and Open

LISA has always been Open Source (and will always be) and all the source code is available on Github

Awesome Technology

LISA employees best-in-class technologies such as Django, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Websockets, REST Framework ...

Super Flexible

From the ground up, with many plugin hooks, LISA is extremely extensible and modular to let you install only what you need

Stuffed full of Amazing Features

This is a non-inclusive smattering of them

Python Code

Modular Components

Simple Install

Powerful Plugins

Intuitive UI


On Github

Voice Activation

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